n. & v.
1 twine or narrow cord.
2 a piece of this or of similar material used for tying or holding together, pulling, etc.
3 a length of catgut or wire etc. on a musical instrument, producing a note by vibration.
4 a (in pl.) the stringed instruments in an orchestra etc. b (attrib.) relating to or consisting of stringed instruments (string quartet).
5 (in pl.) an awkward condition or complication (the offer has no strings).
6 a set of things strung together; a series or line of persons or things (a string of beads; a string of oaths).
7 a group of racehorses trained at one stable.
8 a tough piece connecting the two halves of a bean-pod etc.
9 a piece of catgut etc. interwoven with others to form the head of a tennis etc. racket.
—v. (past and past part. strung)
1 tr. supply with a string or strings.
2 tr. tie with string.
3 tr. thread (beads etc.) on a string.
4 tr. arrange in or as a string.
5 tr. remove the strings from (a bean).
6 tr. place a string ready for use on (a bow).
7 tr. colloq. hoax.
8 intr. (of glue etc.) become stringy.
9 intr. Billiards make the preliminary strokes that decide which player begins.
Phrases and idioms:
on a string under one's control or influence. string along colloq.
1 deceive, esp. by appearing to comply with (a person).
2 (often foll. by with) keep company (with). string bass Mus. a double-bass.
string bean
1 any of various beans eaten in their fibrous pods, esp. runner beans or French beans.
2 colloq. a tall thin person. string-course a raised horizontal band or course of bricks etc. on a building. string out extend; prolong (esp. unduly). string-piece a long timber supporting and connecting the parts of a framework. string tie a very narrow necktie.
string up
1 hang up on strings etc.
2 kill by hanging.
3 make tense. string vest a vest with large meshes.
stringless adj. stringlike adj.
Etymology: OE streng f. Gmc: cf. STRONG

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